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But, wait, there's more!

According to rumors, its going to be another week before I can move back into my apartment. Even if they get power in today, Mr. Landlord says not until Monday of next week at the earliest but his wording was closer to "beginning of the week". The holiday weekend is causing some of this, but there is honestly nothing I can do about it.

Thank goddess, patience is my strongest virtue. And staying calm seems to right up there.

I decided to stop bitching about something and just do it. After reading the 15 minute a day challenge, I decided to do it, but not for writing. Instead, I'm going to just draw for 15 minutes on my lunch break, which I can't really write since its too addictive for 15 minutes. So, 15 minutes worth of drawing and maybe I'll get a bit better and happier with it. Plus it leads into doing my "side" of the new brokentypewriterpress.com portal site.

As a minor note, Iowa is filled with walkers. I make a point of joining people who walk around. Not sure why, just figured if someone says "I'm going for a walk" my response is "Mind if I join you?" My co-workers do that, even if it is just to the end of the next block (maybe 200 m) and back. MiL took me out on a "short walk" which apparently meant about 3 miles. Ack has the 30 minute walk, which is around the bug-infested pond, but I keep doing it. I just hope it helps.