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WisCon and Bloodbond

I've gotten the final schedule for WisCon and I have two events. In addition, I got myself on the cover of another magazine, Bloodbond.

Writing News

It's been a few weeks since I've written about writing. Since then, I've managed to finish the third draft for Sand and Bone, drafted Raging Alone, and had a friend create an album with my lyrics.

Sand and Blood v1.2.0

While creating the fictionary for Sand and Blood, we found a typo in the book. I decided to use that opportunity to switch distributors, add italics, and fix that one little bug.

Trysts of Fate - February 2015

Today, I got my contributor's copy for Trysts of Fate where I have a short story inside.

Outposts of Beyond

This Thursday, I got a contributor's copy of Outposts of Beyond. It never gets old to see my name on the cover of anything.

Forgotten Story - Best of Enemies

Back in 2011, I wrote a humorous fantasy story called Best of Enemies. It had a six month exclusive contract, but I had forgotten it until a few days ago. Since it won't be published anywhere else, here it is.

Smashwords sale and GoodReads giveaway

Announcing Smashwords sale and a GoodReads giveaway for Sand and Blood.

Match Book Pricing

On Amazon, if you buy the print version, you can get the ebook version for free.

Sand and Blood is finally here!

After three years, Sand and Blood has finally been published.