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Author Intrusion and Naming Languages

This week I submitted chapters three and four of Raging Alone to the writing group. There were some good points made but one of the ones that the entire table brought up was the names. I figured that I could use the tool I just wrote to find out how bad it was.

Theming for MfGames Writing

Branding requires a distinct style for writing. Here is how you customize a theme for MfGames Writing to match.

Additional Formats for MfGames Writing

There are a number of different formats that can be used to generate MfGames Writing output, these are the basics.

Adding Content to MfGames Writing

Introduction on how to add different types of content to a MfGames Writing project.

Semantic Versions and Releases for Publishing

Over the last few weeks, I've been tweaking my publishing process to automate more of the release and generation process.

MfGames Tasks v1.1.2

I decided to spend two days extending the features of MfGames Tasks to include calendar dates and a simplified budgeting.

Author Intrusion v0.10.0

I finished all my assigned issues for Author Intrusion v0.10.0. Here is a brief summary of the changes made to this unstable project.

Author Intrusion v0.9.0

After a few weeks of work, the current rewrite of Author Intrusion got to a stopping point. This has the minimum functionality to detect echo works but it has a long way to go.

MfGames Tasks v0.0

To combat being overwhelmed by my many projects and obligations, I wrote a little tool to aggregate my todo lists across GitLab and GitHub.

NaNoGenMo Retrospective

A retrospective of my month working on NaNoGenMo.

Changing Gears

Well, my vacation is all over and I had a blast. I was up in northern Wisconsin for two weeks with coming home in time to do an author event at the local mall. I got a lot done, but time to change gears and focus on commissions for a week or three.

Changes to MfGames Culture

In the process of updating my website, I ended up doing significant amount of work on my arbitrary culture library, mfgames-culture.

Fedran Website Improvements

Over the last week, I've focused on improving the Fedran website. This took a fair amount of work but there is a lot more content and easier navigation as a result.

State of writing with Markdown, YAML, and Git 2017

A year ago, at one of my more successful panels at WisCon, I was on a panel with K. Tempest Bradford and Kristine Smith talking about writing processes. I got to see a lot of cool gadgets but I also got a chance to talk about my processes of writing with Markdown, YAML, and Git.

Author Intrusion status for May 1, 2017

After a rough start of the previous week, I got a chance to really focus on Author Intrusion (AI). Despite the rather significant amount of check-ins and coding, I wasn't quite able to get to a really good "show off" point. Instead, this week ended up being a black triangle (significant progress but nothing visible).

Federated Opinions

I'm been thinking about trust and relationships on the Internet, specifically social networking and news. Here is one possible approach to handle it.

The Overhead of Blogging

I got lost with a tangent where I try to create simple images for blog posts and ended up spending two days buildng a generic system.

Gulping down websites

I've spent the last few days reworking the processes used to generate this website.

Writing with Markdown and YAML

I realized that it's been a while since I wrote up how I write with Markdown and YAML. This is the current state of my technique of writing.

Well, that was anti-climatic

After working on a project for a long time, sometimes it is anti-climatic when it finally gets used.

MfGames Culture work, Reviews, and other plans

Among many other things, I've been working on a Javascript version of MfGames Culture and got something to show off.

Author Intrusion 0.1.0

Added some functionality to Author Intrusion and bumped up the version to 0.1.0.

Mechanical Writing

Author Intrusion, though I think it will help my writing, has a risk of getting caught in the objective and mechanical aspects of writing.

Author Intrusion for Node.js

Once again, I'm trying to make a version of Author Intrusion that works for me. After a weekend of developing, I have a pretty solid base using a language I just learned: TypeScript and Node.js.

Setting up a writing project on GitLab

One advantage of writing novels in Markdown is that I can use Git to manage to projects. However, having only a local Git on my laptop is risky, so having a remote Git repository helps preventing losing data. Here is how to get a project up on GitLab.

Emacs and Multiple Dictionaries

After a few years of struggling with dictionaries while writing, I think I wrote a program that will let me use project, world, and byline dictionaries in writing without shuffling large number of words from file to file.

Creating a Fictionary

Over the last week, I've been creating a fictionary for Sand and Blood. Here are my experiences of the process.

MfGames.Culture API - Country Codes

The third part of MfGames Culture is the implementation of ISO country codes.

What Is Going On Now?

It's been a few weeks since I last posted. When I work on projects, I have a tendency to go silent because I could either post or I could work on it. But, here is what is going on.

MfGames.Culture API - Language Codes

The first part of MfGames Culture is the implementation of ISO language codes.

MfGames.Culture API - Introduction

An introduction to the alpha design API of MfGames.Culture CIL, a C# library for handling arbitrary cultures.

Meandering This Week

I spent the last few weeks getting things off my to do list so I could focus on Author Intrusion, but it looks like I need another week or so before that happens.

Journals of Fedran covers

One of the hardest parts is coming up with a visual style for something. But, using the inspiration for Journals, I have come up with the covers for the issues and the individual stories.

Messing with Markdown

I spent the last few weeks working on the beginning of an event-based Markdown parser. I know why, but I've fallen into a rabbit hole that threatens to swallow me.

Reorganizing my Git writing repository

Last night, I completely reorganized my writing repository to get around some limitations of Git.

Creating slippery maps

Someone recently asked me how to create an online map of a created world. I decided to use this opportunity to update my Exalted online map to a newer library while writing a tutorials.

Mailing lists and social networking

I realized that I haven't been obvious everywhere I hang my hat on social networks. Here is a list along with what I post where.

Author Intrusion - Names

One of the complexities of authors is their names. I want to avoid making an assumption of how they are displayed and used. At the same time, I want to reuse the logic to handle character names within the story.

Author Intrusion - A black triangle CLI

I reached the first visible moment in Author Intrusion with command-line tool that does one thing, convert Markdown into DocBook formats.

Stupid obsessions

For the last two days, I've gotten obsessed about fixing a minor thing on my website.

Author Intrusion Tokens

A brief discussion why I'm using tokens for this implementation of Author Intrusion and the issues of memory pressure and editing.

Author Intrusion for a little while

Going to work on Author Intrusion a little while waiting on my writing projects. Maybe I can finally get the writing environment I'm looking for.

Uploading ebooks into WooCommerce and WordPress

How to enable MOBI and EPUB uploads into WooCommerce.

Enabling SSL

To help support Reset the Net, I enabled SSL on my personal blog.

Switching Sites to Jekyll

After a few weeks of working off and on, I have mostly static websites working. Not perfect, but sufficient to move forward.

The drawbacks of WordPress

WordPress works well for many people, but now that I have been targeted by automated scripts trying to get in, maybe it's time to consider something else?