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Creating slippery maps

Someone recently asked me how to create an online map of a created world. I decided to use this opportunity to update my Exalted online map to a newer library while writing a tutorials.

Miwāfu Glyphs Redux - Basic Font

Continuing my series of making a conscript, this describes the steps of going from a cleaned up vector version of the script to a basic font.

Miwāfu Glyphs Redux - Vectors

Once I got a clean raster version of the glyphs, I use Inkscape to create a vector format which is suitable for importing into FontForge. Part 3 of creating a Miwāfu font.

Miwāfu Glyphs Redux - Scanning

After drawing out the Miwāfu glyphs by hand, I had to scan them in and get them ready for us.

Miwāfu Glyphs Redux - Redrawing

Since I picked up a few new calligraphy pens for my birthday, I tried to write out Miwāfu and found that it was a bit more difficult than I thought. So I redrew them until they weren't difficult.