.ui coi

“coi” means hello and “.ui” means happy in Lojban, a language I use occasionally in my writing and just as infrequently while I’m chatting. Its also one of those little things that just seems to have filtered into the long-term parts of my memory, contributing to the large repository of useless knowledge I seem to possess.

… large repository of useless knowledge…

I’m D. Moonfire. I’m a writer by hobby, profession, and simple joy. I write stories, novels, and the occasional role-playing game. I also program both professionally and as a hobby in a wide variety of languages. My day job consists of writing tax software, which can be interesting in its own way. In many ways, I’m a jack-of-trades, I know a little bit about a lot of things and can fake a lot more than I was actually trained to do. There are also a few things I’m very good at, but that is also the nature of being a jack-of-trades.


I consider myself a writer. I have a number of stories that are published in various works and many of them are here on the site. You can just look at a list of them or you can wander through either genre:

Contemporary Fantasy Crime Fan Fiction High Fantasy Horror Humor Science Fiction Steampunk

… or pluck out a setting that interests you:

Clan of the Cats Exalted Fedran Itrifore Kingdom of Loathing Machine of Death


I do quite a lot of programming. My technical work is over at Moonfire Games.


I also enjoy both computer and role-playing games. Most of the technical side of gaming, including game creation, is over at Moonfire Games.


There is a lot in my life. I don’t have a neat, specialized little place in the world and it shows in my blog.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=13003419 Jim Cummings

    so sorry to reach out like this, it’s jim cummings from ornana, the team that made the short animation “notes on biology”

    we won the South by Southwest Film Festival this year and we need help with our newest projects.

    I noticed that you have contributed to kickstarter campaigns like ours so I thought I’d reach out.


    support the projects, lend some advice, everything helps.

    thanks and sorry again for bugging you