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A Cry for Help

One morning, I really wanted some tea, but I didn't want to keep going downstairs for more than one cup. So, I found one of the large polycarbonate pitchers the company has, filled it to the brim with milk, sugar, and hot water and a single tea bag. It was just the perfect amount that I could leave the bag in, plus I had tea for the entire day which was nice and sweet even when it got cold.

The first time I showed it to fightertype, she said it looked like a cry for help. So, the name stuck. Now, a Cry for Help is any large pitcher of tea. I've tried to use a couple different pitchers for a CFH. Glass ones are bad, they crack. Water bottles just collapse. The best I've had are the polycarbonate ones, like the pitchers they have at resturants. Those handle the heat of the searing hot water without cracking or warping.