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Deadlines Looming

Apparently, there are people still reading this. We had a little scare last night. The code that is put into the code to self-destruct the code went off. We forgot to update it in the last two months, so it was a nasty surprise for everyone. Sadly, I couldn't fix it but Tom had the code and I believe he put out a new version for everyone to enjoy. The self-destruct code will stay in there until we go "live."

On the other news, we have dates for the live since we have to finish everything for a convention. From the meetings we had, the following dates are set:

  • Feature Freeze on Feburary 16
  • Code Freeze on Feburary 23
  • Going live on Febrary 26

That means the next three weeks are going to be hellish for programming, but we should be in the final stretch. Kat promises that I'll get a break after this, or at least time to play Minesweeper during the day, which I haven't really been able to do for eight months.