Up a Level
"Life is Pain, Highness"

This has been a weekend of pain, both mental and physical. In some ways, it feels like I was a character in a novel, given the number of "interesting" things that happened.

It started with the end of last week when I found out one of my cousins died. I'm not close to my cousins, so it was a sad thing but not the type of thing that broke me down like when Dante died. Her funeral was today and while I was planning on bitching and moaning up to the point I got into the car to head up there, I was planning on going up there after work.

On Sunday, I helped a friend move into her new apartment. That involved moving furniture in sub-zero weather in and out of a very cold Uhaul truck. In the end, after two hours of heavy labor spread out over four hours, I was finally laid low by a box of canned food that was well over forty pounds. Of course, that was after the steamer trunk, the two beds, and everything else. It probably didn't help that sometimes, I find it easier just to pick up the heavy things by myself because it goes faster and I have more flexibility in moving. I have no clue when I finally got the point I could pick up 150# objects, put them on my shoulder and just walk up stairs, but its kind of cool (and sore).

After we got back, I took a bath because I was cold. Fluffy sat on the floor to spend time with our other dog. Then, she got a phone call. Her father was just admitted into the VA Hospital from either a stroke or heart attack. In less than fifteen minutes, I watched as she took our only working car out to Iowa to be with him. She spent the night at her mother's and called me to give me more information. It was blocked artery, but they still can't pull him off the sedation since his oxygen levels drop. Now, she's talking about being there a week, mainly to be close to him.

To add a bit more interesting, apparently my brother's wife fell down and was taken to the hospital. Nothing serious, but it sounds like she is going to be under bed rest for at least a few days. I got that information from someone who exaggerates greatly, so I can only assume she got hurt, but not the amount of damage.

I'm hoping to get our other car from the shop today, but it really was a weekend of pain. It might end up be a trial for Fluffy in the coming week, which I don't envy her.