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Opinions on Bridge to Terabithia

Last night, Fluffy got cabin fever about noon. About normal, she was in the house for almost twenty hours and that is the point she starts to get twitchy. So, she saw a trailer for Bridge to Terabithia and was reminded that I expressed a small amount of interest in it. So, a couple hours of pleading later, she got me to get dressed (I'm sick right now), and head on over.

The trailer for Bridge is wonderful. It makes you think of a story where two teenagers are transported to a magical land, not unlike Narnia or the Neverending Story. Fantastic creatures, battles with the strange and curious, and even a magical land. The cold cruelty of the trailers is that it shows the sum of Terabithia. If you want to see young children enjoying the lovely fantasy world, stick with the trailer. There really isn't anything else. The rest of the movie is about a boy growing up and experiencing a very significant point of his life. Based on a novel I never read.

The movie is good, but it wasn't what I thought I was going to. It is the type of emotional story I grew up with, reading in the school library. However, I probably wouldn't buy it on DVD and I probably wouldn't watch it ever again.