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Red Lobster

Fluffy became my friend somewhere in 1995 or so. That means I've known her for twelve years thought we still joke that I don't remember meeting her for the first couple of months. I was very shy and didn't talk to people, things have changed. Oh, they have changed. In 1999, I proposed in probably the most awkward and least romantic way possible. A year and a day (plus a bit), we got married on May 13, 2000.

When I think of our relationship, there was a single point in time where we stepped over the point of being just friends and became more than that. It was having dinner at Red Lobster in '96. I won't go into details, Fluffy asked me not to many years ago. Because of that one spark, we have always gone to Red Lobster on our anniversary. One of those little rituals we picked up. Four years ago, because of our efforts to eat healthier, we found we couldn't actually finish a meal at Red Lobster, so we mixed it up. We started getting the entrees to go and just ate appetizers and dessert there. Over the next couple of days, we actually finish our meal.

It is one of those things that just reminds me how much I love her. Seven years of marriage, I still have the same passion and love for her as the day I agreed to change my name for her. Just as much as the bittersweet day we got married, stumbling over the two words I actually had to say, and everything since.

This weekend, we pigged out a bit too much, watched lots of children's movies, and I turned the entire bedroom into one large blanket tent. Now, back to my regularly schedules week-long vacation.

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