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Trying out a new crossposter for Wordpress. This one uses ljxp which appears to have less options about icons and the like, but actually seems to be updated recently, like Live+Press. I wanted to write last night, honest, but babysitting Inigo apparently drags all of my attention since I'm constantly worried he is going to bite a power cord or do something else bad. Kind of strange feeling, since I know I do the same thing when babysitting a friend's baby. Apparently, I'm protective. My trend of playing "big brother" to little children is also full in effect. In the last 48 hours, I've basically teased four different kids (three girls and one boy) and they all seemed to enjoy it. Well, I guess that bodes well for the day when I have children. Though, I will still worry about the electrical cord. Mainly because part of Fluffy's cheek was burned out because she chewed through a cord when she was a toddler; that led into a ton of surgeries, a general dislike of doctors, and her picture in some medical textbooks as example cases.