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What he really means...

When the cute, older doctor holds up a needle with bright, movie-yellow stuff inside and says "this is going to hurt" I heard something else. I heard:

"I'm going to jam this into your crotch with little warning and you are going to probably kick me rather hard in the knee."

Well, I kind of accidentally kicked him. Missed his knee cap though, but not by much. Did manage to get him to jump back about half a foot and reconsider his position. But, unperturbed and not even limping, he went on to explain that the drug works pretty fast, because it doesn't go into the root like they do at the dentist. What I heard was this:

"This is going to hurt like hell about ten minutes after you walk out of my office."

I made it three minutes before I started to feel where he just removed a mole. It was nothing I wanted to do, but something I had to get done. It was doing the "bad things" that the doctor told me to watch out for, so I got it. It also isn't the first time I had something removed before and probably not the last (I'm planning on a vasectomy about 30 seconds after Fluffy has her 1.5 children). It also didn't hurt a couple hours later, but it was an uncomfortable couple of hours.

I'm now safely mole-free, walking with only a slight limp, and feeling pretty good he didn't run out of the room screaming at the sight of me. :)

Just a day in my life.

Bet you all wanted to know about this one, huh? :P