Up a Level

Sadly, I has no Internets. I apparently haven't had them since it went out the Monday night before I went to GenCon. And, like about 30% of the time, it just simply never came back in the week I was gone. When I got back on Tuesday, it was down, but I didn't know about the week, so I gave it another day. Yesterday, I called since I still didn't have any Internet, when I obviously should.

A couple things came out of that conversation.

  1. I hate that I have to give up another half day of vacation just to get my Internet back.
  2. Apparently I had a discontinued modem before I got it in the first place.
  3. MediaComm is one month away from getting replaced with DSL.

If I want to have a working Internet in the next two weeks, I must drive to the MediaComm office and get it replaced. Which means I have to skip lunch today and leave early since I really can't take off more than the day I already have to get this damn thing running. I shouldn't be taking significant percentage of my vacation time to get something working for more than two weeks! *sigh*

I'm getting frustrated.

In related news, I really hate how Internet is handled at the Sheraton hotel. Its a great hotel at GenCon, but they charge $12/day for access to a relatively slow Internet. I pay $20/month for my access here and I'll pay $40/month for reliable DSL if MediaComm blows me off again. But, $12 a day!? We really should be at a point where Internet is free in the bigger-scale hotels. I mean, I get it free from the Windham and a ton of other places, but this $12/day is just silly. And their "business center" has the obvious signs of people installing random crap on the machines (i.e. installers on the desktop). I would think if you are paying $200/day for a hotel, they could give you free Internet.