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Tree stumps
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This week, the landlord started the process of getting rid of a dying ash tree in the front yard. When we moved it, it was pretty obvious that only half it actually lived. This is the same tree that I had a bad feeling about and the next day, it dumped a large branch where I normally parked the car.

So, good thing.

Sadly, tearing up the tree took a few days. The first day, they cut off most of the excessive branches. The next morning, the garage door wouldn't close. After a bit of investigation, I saw that the "safety" transmitter had been knocked off the hook, so I put it back on and I had a working garage door.

On the next day, they cut down most of the tree. In the morning, the garage didn't work again. Looking at it, it fell off probably from the shaking of the ground. I also noticed that the wire was chewed up from the garage door rollers going over it. So, I had a pleasant hour or so repairing the wiring on the garage while chatting up Fluffy.

Very fun.

When I got home the next day, they removed all but the stump of the tree. A bunch of stuff had fallen in the garage and the transmitter got knocked off again. I put everything back. I figured they were done.

Nope, the final day, they dug up a really big pit in the front yard to get rid of the stump. When I got home... more things knocked over and the transmitter was on the floor. It was the last day, and while I was getting tired of it, I could finally leave it in place.

This morning, I found a half-dead rabbit inside my garage, trying to get out.

And the transmitter was on the floor.

And the wires chewed up.

I'd like you to know, red herrings look like tree stumps.