#Lexember 7 - Hissan - oplin

On Lexember 7, 2019, I present "oplin" as "to change the frequency of magic to match another."

#Lexember 6 - Hissan - gsach

On Lexember 6, 2019, I present "gsach" as "the resonance of magical energies interacting."

#Lexember 5 - Hissan - gsubi

On Lexember 5, 2019, I present "gsubi" as "a marriage between two people."

World-Building - Hidanork Land Magic

The whole idea of the United Hidanork Tribes started with Elizabeth Moon's The Deeds of Paksenarrion. It was the first time I heard of the term taig to refer to the land itself as a distinct being capable of magic and awareness. I'm not sure about the history of the word (and my Google search isn't good enough to verify) but the idea of the taig had stuck with me ever since I read that scene.

#Lexember 4 - Hissan - shik

On Lexember 4, 2019, I present "shik" as "a supernatural force that affects the world."

#Lexember 3 - Hissan - kasi

On Lexember 3, 2019, I present "kasi" as "a tract of land."

#Lexember 2 - Hissan - misa

On Lexember 2, 2019, I present "misa" as "a strong wind."

#Lexember 1 - Hissan - soli

On Lexember 1, 2019, I present "soli" as "the aggregate of solid mineral formations that makes up bedrock or the earth's crust."

World-Building - Tent Pole Development

For this week's world-building post, I want to talk about tent poles. In this case, I'm not talking about the ones under a circus tent but ways of exploring the world through fiction and documentation (writing dictionary or encyclopedia entries).

World-Building - Magic and Trauma

Last week, I wrote a short story called I Will Hurt You Only Once. This is a story about Gichyòbi telling his young daughter about the rite of passage into adulthood such as Rutejìmo's in Sand and Blood. Both of these are about how trauma affects magic in the world of Fedran.

World-Building - Creating Hissian

So, with me writing Looking for The Wrong Thing, I realized I need to start working on the constructed language Hissian, the language spoken by the United Hidanork Tribes in the creatively named country of Hidanork.

ICON 44 Retrospective

Two weeks ago, I went to ICON for four days of fun and a lot of panels. Here are my thoughts and a few observations.

World-Building - Iterative Development

One of the first questions asked at world-building panels is "how to get started?". Starting is scary when trying to build a world intended to be used for decades as opposed to a (relatively) smaller world for only a short story or two.

October Fiction

So, I was gently pinged on my Patreon that I don't do a lot of status updates. I appreciate the reminders, so I'm going to try writing up a monthly post of everything I serialize on my fantasy website.

Writing Workshop Deadline Extended to October 15

The deadline for submission for the writing workshop at ICON 44 has been extended to October 15.

Writing Workshop at ICON

I will be running a writing workshop at ICON 44. If you are interested, check out the post.

Future Plans

An update on near- and long-term plans for my writing and updates on this site. Also status on my Pride Month challenge stories, various novels, and financial plans.

Pride Month Challenge

Over the last few months, I've been berating myself about representation of queer characters in my world. Last year, I made a list on Twitter about some of the queers that I've already introduced. Those haven't changed but I realized that I'm had not made any of those characters obvious that they were queer despite the fact they are and have been from the beginning.

Raging Alone 15: Abandoned

Hours later, Desòchu abandoned wakes up in the middle of the desert and covered in scratches. What is he going to do? How could he survive? He quickly figures out he has only two options.

Raging Alone 14: The Cliffs

Days later, Desòchu still struggles with his father's disappearance and the clan's silence. But how far would he go when he finally loses his temper?

Raging Alone 13: Grief

When Desòchu wakes up, his father is still missing and now he is fully responsible for his brother. Without anyone to comfort him or allow him to grieve, what could he do?

Raging Alone 12: Guilt

Despite having a night away from his duties, Desòchu can't get over his guilt about leaving his brother with his father. He decided to head back before something went wrong.

Author Intrusion and Naming Languages

This week I submitted chapters three and four of Raging Alone to the writing group. There were some good points made but one of the ones that the entire table brought up was the names. I figured that I could use the tool I just wrote to find out how bad it was.

Raging Alone 11: Drunk

With some of the teenagers from another clan leaving in the morning, Desòchu hopes to get a few more hours to enjoy before resuming his duties with his brother. That meant waiting for his father to come back and hope that he wasn't too drunk.

Author Intrusion - I've Been Here Before

When it comes to projects that I probably will never finish, Author Intrusion is probably right up there. Most of the time, it is because I keep restarting because I learned significant lessons. This last week was one of those cases.

Poem - My Father's Ring

On the thirthieth day of National Poetry Month, I present a poem about battle and fighting for a cause.

Poem - A Child is Born

For the twenty-ninth day of National Poetry Month, I wrote about poem about my son's first breath.

Poem - Love Among Girls

For the twenty-eight day of National Poetry Month, the theme is forbidden lesbian lovers.

Poem - Fifty-Three Years

On the twenty-seventh day of National Poetry Month, I wrote a poem about my marriage.

Poem - A Child On a Bed So Soft

On the twenty-sixth day of National Poetry Month, I have a little poem about losing a child.

Poem - Yes, Sir, I Understand

For the twenty-fifth day of National Poetry Month, I have a little poem about slavery and racism.

Poem - She Speaks For Death

For the twenty-fourth day of National Poetry Month, I have a little spoiler for a novel I'm planning on writing.

Raging Alone 10: Hauling

On one of the few nights where Desòchu had a break, he spent it with his friends getting drunk. He figured he could get home before anyone noticed. He was wrong.

Poem - Kill Them All

Content Warning for Suicide and Murder For the twenty-third day of National Poetry Month, I have a poem about the horrors of growing up.

Poem - Pumps and Gears

For the twenty-second day of National Poetry Month, I have a poem about steam engines.

Poem - The Stone and I Breathe

For the first and twenty day of National Poetry Month, I wrote a poem about attuning oneself to rock.

Poem - Wisps of Clouds

For the twentieth day of National Poetry Month, I have a little poem about flying. There is something about fliers I love, both the joy of losing oneself in the clouds but also the freedom to move.

Poem - Unexpected Reduction of Memories

For the nineteenth day of National Poetry Month, I wrote a poem about how telepaths view the world.

Two Hundred Weeks

About four years ago, I started posting weekly chapters. As of this week, I've been doing that for two hundred consecutive weeks.

Poem - Ageless and Invulnerable

For the eighteenth day of National Poetry Month, I present a little poem about being immortal. Remarkably, I'm not fond of immortals as a theme.

Poem - I Am Shadows

For National Poetry Month, I present another poem for day seventeen: I Am Shadows. This is a little piece about assassins using shadow magic.

Raging Alone 9: Birthday

On his birthday, Desòchu is stilling alone on the edge of the cliff remembering his mother. But what will happen when someone arrives to dredge up the forbidden thoughts?

Poem - Drifting Thoughts

On the sixteenth day of April, I present another poem for National Poetry Month. Today we have a little piece about high society and telepathy.

Poem - Damn the Sands

There are three parts to the so-called war between the sun and moon clans: Mifúno. Mifúno is the personification of the desert, kind of a combination of bad luck and death combined into one.

Poem - The Desert Sleeps

On the fourtheenth days of April, I present another poem for National Poetry Month. Today, the poem is about the conflict between Tachìra and Chobìre, the source of most clan's magic. This also ties into the creation myth for the north western part of the desert.

Poem - Hush Child

On the thirteenth day of National Poetry Month, I have a little lullaby. I like cadence poetry a lot more than rhyming. In this case, you have 2/3/3/3 syllable pattern. It also fits the pattern I sing to my kids when they are feeling sick.

Poem - He Said Yes!

For a little sweetness, I wrote a little poem about a trans girl finding a boyfriend. I figured it was a good unicorn chaser to yesterday's poem but also because there are parts of my world that is accepting of trans and queers.

Poem - Burnt Hills and Embers

I've organized much of my planned ideas for future novels and stories around three phases related to a world war that marks the passage of Fedran from a world of magic to one of industry and steampunk.

Poem - Soft Browns

For the ninth day of National Poetry Month, I wrote a little poem about racism.

Raging Alone 8: Trapped

Desòchu's friends try to get him a night away from his brother to relax and have fun, but will his obligations keep him stuck at home, alone with his brother?

Poem - Black Skinned Monsters

For the ninth day of National Poetry Month, I wrote a little poem about racism.

Poem - Inscribing the Rune

On the eighth day of National Poetry Month, I return to one of my favorite topics: crafting.

Poem - A Stranger

For the seventh day of National Poetry Month, I have a little one about body integrity dysphoria or the feeling like a limb doesn't belong to yourself.

Poem - I Love Them All

So, to contrast yesterday's poem for National Poetry Month, I have a poem about polyamory.

Poem - Leaving My Love

On the fifth day of National Poetry Month, I have a little poem about asexuality.

Poem - Sand Bites Hard Now

On the fourth day of National Poetry Month, I write a little poem with my least favorite pattern: rhyming.