This site is the results of endless rewrites as my views of life, organization, and goals have changed. Older versions focused on making “pretty” pages while the last few were focused more on content and less on chrome and heavy use of Javascript.

This site was generated by a static website generator of my own creation, Gallium Nitride. It is loosely based on a number of different site generators including Jekyll, the retired CobblestoneJS and Statiq. All of these are great technologies, but I struggled with something that worked the way I did, so I once again wrote my own.

Besides a simple color scheme, there is no customization on font or images being used. This is to maximum the use of other technologies that folks use such as screen readers or zooming (like my need for larger fonts to handle a perpetual blur in my vision).

The other reason for this iteration is that the site will also be mirrored using Gemini, a Gopher-like protocol which doesn't allow fancy technologies.