D. Moonfire's Garden

A digital garden is like a library of my ideas but put in a more refined form than blog posts usually provide. They are topics that have survived the onslaught of time, conversations, and attention and continue to influence my life. In the process of moving them from posts into “plots,” I usually have a chance to organize them better and pull out the cruft and noise.

Most of my plots are self-contained ideas that have their own Git repository that support reporting issues and look for discussions on whatever network appeals to you. To reflect how ideas change over time, I also semantically version them with breaking changes (1.x.x), new ideas (x.1.x), and typo fixes (x.x.1) being marked; though only breaking changes and new ideas will show up on my feed to avoid overwhelming them.


  • Project Layout (v3.1.0, 2022-07-19) - Methods for working with projects that use different frameworks (such as C# and TypeScript) including how to handle the different build systems and processes.