D. Moonfire

Welcome to the personal site for Dylan Moonfire (aka D. Moonfire). As part of a network of related sites, you can find various ramblings and explorations of whatever topic seems to interest me at the time. Sometimes they don't go anywhere, sometimes they are just to solve an itch, and other times just enjoying writing or the process of writing.

Beyond that, I am a polymath (Renaissance Man, jack-of-all-trades) and a voracious learner. I like to say that “I'm a large repository of useless knowledge” that ties into almost everything I do.


This site also has posts going back to 2006, sometimes with large gaps as my life took different twists and turns. That also means that topics, ideas, and thoughts from fifteen years ago may not longer apply to me. We all change, adapt, and evolve. While I haven't done it frequently, I occasionally remove ones that have drastically changed. Otherwise are moved into my garden (below) as more refined topics that stood the tests of time and entropy.


A digital garden is a collection of thoughts and ideas that are arranged in a manner that makes sense to me. They are frequently a consolidation of posts, but are presented topically instead of chronological.

Moonfire Games is my “umbrella” for programming and gaming projects and has its own site.


Writing has been a big part of my life, more so with a conscious decision made in 2010. As such, I have a number of places where my writing is posted for you to read. The biggest is Fedran, my high fantasy/steampunk setting that I have focused on for over a decade. I also have a smattering of random stories that popped up over the years.

Names and Pronouns

When it comes to myself, I'm fluid about most things including my pronouns. If you want, assign me one that you think is appropriate. If you don't, then using he/him and they/them are both good enough for me.

Personally, I fall back to they/them when I'm unsure of the pronouns of the person I'm addressing. When I do, I strive to use the correct one but I struggle with inferring identities. This means changing appearances, avatars, or handles will increase the chance I drop back to they/them until I can “remap” again.