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Welcome to the personal site for Dylan Moonfire (aka D. Moonfire). As part of a network of related sites, you can find various ramblings and explorations of whatever topic seems to interest me at the time. Sometimes they don't go anywhere, sometimes they are just to solve an itch, and other times just enjoying writing or the process of writing.

Beyond that, I am a polymath (Renaissance Man, jack-of-all-trades) and a voracious learner. I like to say that “I'm a large repository of useless knowledge” that ties into almost everything I do.

Related Sites

Blog (this site)

Personal posts, thoughts, and works-in-progress. Mostly focused on the process but also includes references to the other sites.


The bulk of my fiction set in a single high fantasy/steampunk work. This is my “big” project and one that I have been working steadily on since 2010 (pretty much on the anniversary of my first child's birth.


Moonfire Games

The umbrella for my programming and computer games.

Moonfire Games (MfGames)

The Moonfires

Just a link of all the Moonfire family related sites including my spouse's photography.

The Moonfires


(2021-10-03) Second-Hand Dresses delayed

(2021-09-04) semantic-release-nuget v1.1.0

(2021-08-29) semantic-release-dotnet v1.0.0

(2021-08-01) Secret Romance Readers Interview

(2021-07-31) generator-mfgames-writing v0.3.2

(2021-07-27) commitlint-gitlab-ci v0.0.4

(2021-07-10) Gallium Nitride and Gemini

(2021-03-17) The End After Three Hundred Weeks

(2021-02-05) MfGames Writing Upkeep

(2021-01-10) Graveyard Keeper Retrospective

(2020-12-07) Desk Woodworking Project

(2020-11-20) Website Update

(2020-06-01) May in Writing

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