I spent almost forty years trying to find a label for myself. Am I writer or a programmer? A father or a son? Sooner or later, and occasionally repeatedly, I realized that while there are a lot of labels for myself, there isn't only a single one that defines me. I am many thing and proud of almost every one.

…large repository of useless knowledge.

Foremost, I'm a voracious learner of everything I can get my hands on. Of course, this means I end up being a large repository of useless knowledge, but it also makes me a jack-of-trades. I'm also a husband of one and a father of two.

I am a writer of mostly fiction, including stories and novels. Some of them have actually resulted in a published novel while I have various stories scattered among some small presses and publications. When I do write, I like to know more than the story on the page, so I also easily lose myself in world-building and exploration.

I'm also a coder. I create compliance software by day and random programs by night. I also managed to pull out a few games here and there, both on pen-and-paper and on the computer. Somewhere down the line, I got interested in typography, geology, and open source software.


#Lexember 7 - Hissan - oplin

On Lexember 7, 2019, I present "oplin" as "to change the frequency of magic to match another."

#Lexember 6 - Hissan - gsach

On Lexember 6, 2019, I present "gsach" as "the resonance of magical energies interacting."

#Lexember 5 - Hissan - gsubi

On Lexember 5, 2019, I present "gsubi" as "a marriage between two people."

World-Building - Hidanork Land Magic

The whole idea of the United Hidanork Tribes started with Elizabeth Moon's The Deeds of Paksenarrion. It was the first time I heard of the term taig to refer to the land itself as a distinct being capable of magic and awareness. I'm not sure about the history of the word (and my Google search isn't good enough to verify) but the idea of the taig had stuck with me ever since I read that scene.

#Lexember 4 - Hissan - shik

On Lexember 4, 2019, I present "shik" as "a supernatural force that affects the world."

#Lexember 3 - Hissan - kasi

On Lexember 3, 2019, I present "kasi" as "a tract of land."

#Lexember 2 - Hissan - misa

On Lexember 2, 2019, I present "misa" as "a strong wind."

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