I spent almost forty years trying to find a label for myself. Am I writer or a programmer? A father or a son? Sooner or later, and occasionally repeatedly, I realized that while there are a lot of labels for myself, there isn't only a single one that defines me. I am many thing and proud of almost every one.

…large repository of useless knowledge.

Foremost, I'm a voracious learner of everything I can get my hands on. Of course, this means I end up being a large repository of useless knowledge, but it also makes me a jack-of-trades. I'm also a husband of one and a father of two.

I am a writer of mostly fiction, including stories and novels. Some of them have actually resulted in a published novel while I have various stories scattered among some small presses and publications. When I do write, I like to know more than the story on the page, so I also easily lose myself in world-building and exploration.

I'm also a coder. I create compliance software by day and random programs by night. I also managed to pull out a few games here and there, both on pen-and-paper and on the computer. Somewhere down the line, I got interested in typography, geology, and open source software.


World-Building - Sequels, Prequels, and Intermissions

Much of my secondary stories are sequels or prequels but I rarely mix the two for a single character.

Two Months in Writing

A summary of two months of stories, novels, and essays.

Lexember 31 - Hissan - relif

On Lexember 31, 2019, I present "relif" as "to celebrate surviving a difficulty."

Lexember 30 - Hissan - egys

On Lexember 30, 2019, I present "egys" as "to celebrate families coming together."

Lexember 29 - Hissan - astar

On Lexember 29, 2019, I present "astar" as "to tap the energy of the land for a ritual."

Lexember 28 - Hissan - tunas

On Lexember 28, 2019, I present "tunas" as "to tap a land for magic to build things."

Lexember 27 - Hissan - foosga

On Lexember 27, 2019, I present "foosga" as "to tap a land for defensive magic."

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