There are quite a lot of ways to follow or chat with me.


For a private conversation, you can send me email directly.

RSS/Atom Feeds

Another way of paying attention to any website (including authors and comics) is a RSS feed. I use NewsBlur for the bulk of my reading because it is a small developer, it replaced Google Reader nicely, and has most of the features I want.

Naturally, this is the one that I had set up from the beginning. I did break it into multiple feeds, so anyone who just wants to see my writing or programming posts can do so. Or look at everything.


  • @dmoonfire (random saying, conversations, and a link to all blog posts)



I don't use Facebook a lot, but I do have a fan site. It should be set up to automatically mirror any blog posts about writing to it.

I also have a personal account, but I reserve that for close friends and direct family.


Old Networks

These are networks I still have accounts on, but don't check weekly. If I get a notice, though, I'll hop on over.


I love to answer questions and chat. It doesn't happen much, but regardless of the network, I love feedback, interaction, and just connecting. I think it is one of the important parts of being a fan and a creator.