There are quite a lot of ways to follow or chat with me.


Probably the easiest way to contact me or to watch what I'm doing is the forum. You can subscribe to the Atom/RSS feeds or have an email sent whenever I post something.

The forum is also hooked up to all the pages that have comments, so if you post on there, it will show up on the page and in the forum.

RSS/Atom Feeds

Another way of paying attention to any website (including authors and comics) is a RSS feed. I use NewsBlur for the bulk of my reading because it is a small developer, it replaced Google Reader nicely, and has most of the features I want.

Naturally, this is the one that I had set up from the beginning. I did break it into multiple feeds, so anyone who just wants to see my writing or programming posts can do so. Or look at everything.

I haven't quite created feeds for every tag (so you could follow only Sand and Blood posts for example). I will, eventually, or if someone asks.


The other social network I use is Twitter. This happens to be my favorite one to use at the moment, mainly because it fits the way I think and interact. There are some Twitter-clones I'll use eventually, but they aren't there yet.

  • @dmoonfire (random saying, conversations, and a link to all blog posts)


I don't use Facebook a lot, but I do have a fan site. It should be set up to automatically mirror any blog posts about writing to it.

I also have a personal account, but I reserve that for friends and direct family.


Yep, I have a cross-poster for here to, but that doesn't stop me from responding.


Even though I don't have a cross-poster for Ello, I seem to be enjoying this network fairly well.




I don't have a cross-poster here, but I do chat with others.


Like the others, this will have a push of most of my posts.


I love to answer questions and chat. It doesn't happen much, but regardless of the network, I love feedback, interaction, and just connecting. I think it is one of the important parts of being a fan and a creator.