Maladar was a dutiful man of the Blessed Isle. At least until one day, his daughter came home in tears and fear and with a golden disc glowing on her forehead. She had exalted, but it wasn't one of the Dragon-Blooded marks, but one of the Anathema. Set the Exalted universe.

A steampunk story of a baron set on destroying his enemies, and his servant who tries to stop him.

A tale of a young woman who finds that the dog bite she got had more than a few consequences.

Set in the Exalted universe, Best Laid Plans is a story of a raid that went horribly wrong.

Defending ones's home against an intruder is more important than anything else. An elderly couple fights against the local baron in a mecha they built out of bricks from their quarry.

For the last six years, Marla was a fixture of the wildly successful Donna's Teddy Clubhouse, a show aimed for competitive Caucasian Northern American Girls 14 market. But, age betrayed her and she was fired for not having a profitable enough body according to the exacting standards of the production company.

Detective Stolis knew how he was going to die. He knew the woman who would do it, but he was still married to her. A Machine of Death story.

A Mudd Fourier tale when he and his assistant are investigating a crime scene that was helpfully destroyed by their fellow guards.

Life is hard for a lone guard in an old museum working the night shift. There is always a danger that someone will find an artifact worth stealing and there is nothing Shila could do about it.

A horror story of a hidden room inside a basement and a man who was hell-bent on forgetting the woman who left him.

Set in the world of Itrifore, a pair of ninjas working for Love attempt to assassinate one of the opponents of their Lord. But, a bodyguard for Lust stands between them and their goal.

A little moment stolen in Chelsea's life when she found a chance to relax on a beach with Jubal.

Eomen, a pirate in the seas of Creation, was heading home after a long day of piracy when he came up to a small boat with only a single woman on board. Easy prey, or so he thought. A story set in White Wolf's Exalted setting.

A beautiful day in an isolated village, at least until the slavers came marching in. And the only hope is a disgraced mercenary who wanted to forget his past.

Staple was more interested in playing than learning the family business. At least until the old man and his new apprentice came to recharge the fire cores that drove the family's machines.

A story of longing for a carefree man who danced in the alleys in a circle of pop cans, watched by others heading for their jobs that couldn't understand the attraction. And then the one who finally stepped forward.

In the Kingdom of Loathing, the battle on the Big Island would never end. But, in one moment, an insane Crimbo-obsessed warrior came marching in.

A humorous tale of a baker who confronts a dragon with pie and muffins, all to save his daughter from being eaten.