MfGames.Culture - Getting the abstract calendar working

Working on the MfGames.Culture library yesterday. Got the basic engine working that properly calculates the Julian Day (JD) from an arbitrary calendar described in an XML file. The main purpose of this is to let someone enter dates for Eclectic (or an RPG) in the format of their calendar and have it automatically do the nifty MS Project or time-span features I want to include.

The next couple steps are: 1. Get it to parse a string (such as "2006-01-22") and get the same results. 2. Have it format the JD into an arbitrary string (such as 2453757.5 into "2005-01-22"). 3. Have it handle times.

Later, if I get bored, I'll figure out the eras and working backwards (like the BCE of the Gregorian-style calendar or the First Age for the Sepia Throne).