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Student Loans

I just finished my last class at Capella in December. Wonderful goal in my life, and it only took fifteen years to get a degree. Of course, I couldn't get help from my family on this second attempt, so I did it through student loans and the such. Well, at the end of the class, you are required to go through loan counseling which is a glorified website that says you have to repay it. At one point, they have a question that basically says, "Do you want more information on a consolidation program?" And your choices are: "Yes, by phone", "Yes, by email", and "Yes, by letter" Notice what they don't let you choose, no. In my case, the loan is only about $15k dollars, so I was planning on just paying it off and not going through the extra hassles of consolidating it since I can (mostly) afford to handle it.

So, yesterday, I got the letter talking about the student loan consolidation and it just set me off again. Not to mention, I've been getting 1-2 of these every couple of days. I think student loan conslidation is good business for someone, and it isn't me.