Up a Level
More work on the editor

I know the editor is a strange thing to focus on, but it really makes the nit-picky details easier to work on. Last night, I was working on more features of the editor, trying to get it up to the level of Eclectic and beyond. I got a bunch of things of my TODO list and even started on the character/template editor which is the first feature beyond Eclectic. Of course, I still can't edit actions, metric tables, and metric multipliers.

This first screen is a module index. This actually build up the pages from memory, using MfGames.Template, which is cool.


If you click on the "Edit Summary" button, it goes to a Gtk editor page, even though the display is using the Gecko engine. I know that seems rather simple, but I just love the flexibility to catch link requests and do something entire different. Of course, if you switch back and forth, I had to recreate the Gecko.WebControl because it doesn't like to be hidden.


The skill listing is much of the same thing. It has two edit screens. The summary gives you the basic stuff while the full editor (from my MfGames.MfGtk library) is a fairly full-featured XML editor that I'm pretty damn proud of.

ss-02.png ss-03.png ss-04.png

Overall, the progress is going nicely, If things work out, I'll have the prior editor functionality done by the end of the week. Next week, I'll get the ODF subsitutation stuff working properly which lets me regenerate the game system.