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Characters are hard

You wouldn't think so, when you look at the character sheet for Balance, but when you actually try to implement it, it is really hard. Each character or template (called a container in code) has zero or more metrics at a certain amount of points. That, in itself, is rather easy to implement. Each metric may also have a set, which is the metric with various multipliers or a focus. The way I've implemented it, you can have both, but they are centralized to make it easier to search. Before, you could have three focused History, but it was really hard to find. This new way makes it easier, but harder to code.

It also leads to really scary looking screen:


Of course, I'm trying to combine four screens from Eclectic into a single one that selectively enables or disables parts. I'm sure it will take a few tries before I get it right, but at least it is starting to be fleshed out. The code, though, is nasty and I'm not proud of its lack of elegance.