Utility and Template Updates

On Friday, I got a new version of MfGames.Template and MfGames.Utility out on freshmeat and up on the website. Naturally, I found a bug about 60 seconds later in Template, which is fixed for 1.1.1. Always nice to get some code working, but the precompiled templates really made the Balance editor so much faster than before.

Speaking of Balance, I got more progress done on the editor. Characters appear to be almost completely in. I just have to write the ODF export features to actually start making character sheets and all that jazz. I also revamped some of the metrics, getting rid of two of the "questionables" and getting more useful stuff in their place.

That's a good thing since fightertype is pushing for the magic system. We are near the end of the Sepia Throne arc, and the revamp to second edition. I gave everyone a choice of the next arc: Exalted, Balance, or JadeClaw. Fightertype said Exalted because Balance just simply isn't done enough, which makes me sad.