Balance Actions and Hits

With the new workflow system, I actually started filling in the gaps again in Balance. Hopefully, version 0.50.0 will be the last one and there won't be any more rewrites. Last night, I wrote a pretty good draft of how hits work, including healing, damage, and resisting. I ended up renaming "Toughness" to "Resist Physical," "Ground" to "Resist Mental," and "Dignity" to "Resist Social."

I also expanded out the actions system, including ticks. I decided to stick with deciseconds (ds) because I thought taking 5 seconds to attack was a little too long. 5 ds sounds like a much better time for a basic action.

I had a little trouble with initiative/order. I didn't want everyone to start at once, since that keeps everyone in sync. Even though I started working on this before White Wolf came out with theirs, I didn't have the "who starts" figured out before that book. Of course, I don't like their approach at all. So, I went with 20 - 2d10 is how many ds it takes to enter combat. I'm probably not going to bother with an Initiative metric though.

I think it will work out.