Turf Wars Screenshots

Decided that new some screenshots would help encourage me. These aren't much different, at least in the stylistic appearance from the prior ones. I managed to clean up the route appearances to something that looked a bit neater. I don't know if I had the layers in the last one, but I do now, which lets me turn off the ones I don't want to see. In the "real" game, you won't see routes.

tw-020.png tw-021.png

The next three images are the three vassals moving around. Vassal automatically go home at the end of their day. That gives Nightmare their "advantage." You can set the beginning of their day, which lets you have two shifts (12 hours each) without too much of a problem.

tw-022.png tw-023.png tw-024.png

You might also notice the favors number changing. At the moment, the toll for routes is 1,000 favors per meter, just for debugging purposes. In the future, it will be less and variable, but for testing purposes it works out just fine. What you can't see is that buildings also produce an income, which helps pay for all that expensive tolls.

While I was explaining what the game can do, I had a great idea. I'm giong to have the top-down view show all the buildings. As you put your mouse over them, it "erases" the buildings and shows the lots, with the information about the building underneath it. You'll be able (I hope) to use the middle mouse roller to control the size of the erasure. I think it would have a nice touch and adds to the usability of the game (information).

I know I shouldn't jump the gun, but I really want to get to the 3D stuff. Of course, the game engine itself isn't done, so that isn't going to help if I split my efforts. I'm going to struggle really hard this month to get most of the game "done" with this interface before switching over the 3D efforts.