Up a Level
Dragon Quest VIII

Just minimally finished Dragon Quest VIII yesterday. It ended up taking me about 75 hours (but at least ten of those were just leaving the machine on because I couldn't get to a save point and it was really late). Very fun game and I love the visual style. I also love the mixture of humor and seriousness. It really made the story very enjoyable.

One of the frustrating parts was the boss marathon near the end, not to mention I was getting to the part where I just wanted the game to be over. It wasn't as bad as Star Ocean, but I kind of rushed the last bit just to get it over. And, in ending, I went through the walkthrus to see what I missed. Apparently, they have another entire plot after you "finish" the game! And a dungeon, and a bunch of monsters, and equipment you can't get during the game.

So, it isn't really over, just the main plot is over. If I write an RPG, I'm going to have it actually end when you finish the main plot, but give bonuses to the next round, like Final Fantasy X2. Radiata Story did the same, but they just gave you some cash and had you restart; I already purchased everything.

I don't know if I will continue the game. The main plot is over and the rest just seems like 100% completion mop-up which is something that doesn't appeal to me. I never really got a thrill at getting everything, inventing everything, or finding every single thing. I like the story and plot much more; not to mention I still have Fable and Oblivion to play.

Now, back to Turf Wars.