Up a Level
Dragonfire Laser Crafts, Inc.

At GenCon, one of the stalls that drew my attention (more than once) was the Dragonfire Laster Crafts stall. The folks there were very, very nice and seemed honest about wanting to help the gaming community. Their main product are laser-burned custom work, such as tile sets or even rather large assembled boat s with multiple layers for the larger ships. While I was hoping they would have multi-layer smaller boats, my Sepia campaign has river boats, I have no doubt they would create one if I needed it.

The two things I did pick up were their tile sets: tavern and dungeon. I would have to say the one thing I really liked about them was the clean artistic style and also how they labeled them. For example, the table has the word "TABLE" in the middle, which helps with the "what is that?" problems I've had on occasion. Overall, I think they will end up being a very nice, easy to store decoration style of tokens.

I will probably pick up a couple larger sets from them, most likely boat and wagons if they come up with them. It also looks like they'll take custom orders, so I might be able to get exactly what I'm looking for in mats and surfaces.