Up a Level
Perfected Characters

I've never been fond of perfect characters. Life is about struggles and failures, not to mention, I honestly don't believe that people learn by succeeding. They learn by screwing up and figuring out a way that does work. This is partially related to a book Fluffy is reading and I'll be reviewing at this point, but also various complaints and opinions both of us have had throughout the years. In books like Pyromancer (and Geomancer) and Shadow (Shadow Hunt, Shadow Dance, which I love this series), the main characters aren't really threatened by their greatest skill. in Shadow, she is the best thief ever, for three entire books.

This is nice on occasion, but it reminds me of some of my players. I have one player who never fails a die roll. Not discussing the potential for cheating, but there is simply no reason to fail; and they always fail when they need to. Actually, I have two players like that.

For Triumph, the replacement for Balance, I think I'm going to have experience based on the rolls you fail. When you fail a roll, you put a check by it. When you botch, two. That is the maximum number of experience you can put into that ability until you fail it again. Training time just lets you do a check without failing a roll.

I'm also going to focus on flaws somewhat. Characters can take flaws, but when they actually play them out, they get a bonus toward a die pool for the session. This works like stunt dice in Exalted, but resets at the beginning of the session. This would encourage people to actually play good flaws instead of "terrified of left-handed men named Moe."