Tile Layout in Turf Wars

This weekend, I spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how to place buildings in the game. The approach I decided to go with basically creates a "tile" that will match the terrain of the map. The rules of for the tile (such as if it is too steep or if it gives bonuses) will be set in the region editor while the scenario editor will be used to set the default building layouts.

This took me quite a bit to figure out and I'm still not done. The rules for how steep aren't in there (I'm going to stay steep if all four corners aren't the same height) and I really want to get the building placement stuff done.

But... some screenshots:

turf-wars-screenshot-1.png turf-wars-screenshot-2.png turf-wars-screenshot-3.png turf-wars-screenshot-4.png

The following screenshots are the retile process. Basically, I just take all the tiles and put them at the highest hight, then drag them down until they hit ground. It isn't really fancy or anything, but at least approximates the ground layer. The most important parts are when there is one or more tiles at the same level, which there are regions that have that. Those are where the building placements are going to be in the scenario builder. The white tiles won't be visible to the user in any other stage, this is just for setting region controls.

turf-wars-screenshot-5.png turf-wars-screenshot-6.png turf-wars-screenshot-7.png turf-wars-screenshot-8.png turf-wars-screenshot-9.png turf-wars-screenshot-10.png