Fat Dragon Games

At GenCon this year, one of the things I was trying to figure out the most was how to bring minatures into the game. I wanted to start using them for the Exalted game, mainly to simplify the range and other variables discussions. So, I was looking at the various options. bil got me a huge two meter square and hex grid map, which worked perfectly. About half of stuff I picked up were tokens and the like.

I considered Dwarven Forge but they expensive but very pretty. I also considered building my own from foam, which takes the most work. I also considered Hirst Arts for an option, mainly because they let me make it and they make some of the most beautiful sets I have ever seen in my life. Of course, you build them up brick by brick it would take hours, nay weeks to finish and still require me to print them.

In the end, after I decided to go with Hirst, I found Fat Dragon Games. They are build your own stuff, but they use paper models instead of resin or anything else. So, I can print as many as I want and tape/glue and mount them on foam-core board. That lets me keep the flexibility and price of Hirst with the simplicity of Dwarven Forge.

I'm currently assembling a huge palace for this Saturday's game and I'm really happy with their product. The only drawback is their selection is somewhat poor, but it is still worth it.