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Zealots in Computers

I was browing one the blog for Schlock Mercenary, one of my daily must-read comics, and I saw a little quote that made me smile.

(If you’re a FreeBSD zealot, by all means complain about my nigh-libelous description of your bestest little devil-friend TO SOMEONE ELSE. I’m just repeating what the server guys have told me. No, I don’t want your offer of technical help. No, I’m not printing an apology or a retraction. Yes, you’ll get over it. I promise.)

Now, I'm a borderline zealot. I love Linux with a passion, just becuase it enables me to do so much more and I happen to think/function in a way that it makes sense to me. Now, I don't think BSD is better or worse than Linux, just as I don't think Solaris, Mac OS X, or most of the others. My only complaint about OS X and Windows is they try to do too much for me, but I don't want a dumbed-down interface, I want the complexity to do what I want to do. On the other hand, there are people out there that are far and away more obsessed with BSD, Windows, Linux than me. Its one of those interesting things, but I'm a middle-of-the-fence type person anyways.

On, I love the comic strip, it has such wonderful characters and a plot line. And, the best part, the author actually explains much of the science, or lack of science, in the strip, always a nice little detail.