SVG, Mono, and Mapping

I just found a link for a project working on SVG and it works with C# and on Mono. I'm really excited about that because if I ever get back to my recursive mapping program, I'll have the ability to actually render it in proper SVG. Of course, that will make it the fifth time I've written a SVG-based mapping program, but why not? The part I last stopped, I needed a way of actually seeing the stuff being rendered, hence the reason this library is just so cool.

Mapping has always been something that I've found interesting. While I'm not all that great at it, it is a way of really fleshing out a fantasy world. However, I keep wanting a good way of encapsulating useful information into a map, more information than any program I've used can do. My "ideal" program would let me generate MapQuest or Google Maps style maps, including zooming, but also let me do path and route finding, include templates, and even keep tracking of various geological elements, such as terrain, height, and the such.