Exalted and Scroll of the Lands

Didn't want to do much yesterday night, so I just putzed around Scroll of the Lands, filling in a couple of the little gaps that were there. I started on the Dramatic Rules section, to illustrate things you can do with a Dominion. The main one was disease, since that is the clearest one I have in my head. I also started expanding out stuff on languages for the Dominion (dots in Linguistics), naval units and calvary units (Military + Sail and Military + Ride as appropriate).

I also started on the Abacus City Method, which is an expansion on chapter one that brings more of a "Civ-like" feel to the game. That chapter will be organized like a charm section, with various Constructions (like Charms, it has a capital) having statistics and giving bonuses. Not sure if it will work out, but I'm going to keep on writing it and see how it irons out. uteck said he is going to check it out later and give me initial feedback. Anyone else wants to, feel free to post here or on the forum about your opinions.