Oblivion, 4E6, NaNoMo, and GenCon

Yeah, I pretty much played Oblivion all weekend. I should have done something more productive, such as writing or whatever, but with Fluffy still out of town, I really wasn't in the mood for doing anything at all. So, I closed Oblivion gates, power-leveled in a game you don't have to power level and just enjoyed closing off quests and plots.

Then, it happened. Like all computer games I play, I started to see how they wrote it. Little formulas, tibits of code, how they got the graphics to drop into the game or even how they were linked. I have a couple mods already (um, like 20, but only four are cheats), and from how the mods were written I saw how I could do a mod.

In itself, the idea of a mod is really cool, but it didn't take long before I realized that I could create an entire world in Oblivion, using their engine but my ideas. The whole idea came from a civilization underground, terrified of the surface. Sort of a more cheerful Seventh Level (which I can't find a link for), I guess. Oh, with fantasy and magic, of course. This grand, but probably impossible for me alone, idea created a new world, politics, and even species interactions. I thought it was a really cool idea.

However, it would takes everything I had for a while to finish it. That means no 4E6 or NaNoMo this year, plus I really should finish my Exalted projects first. But, if 4E6 isn't my thing this year (I haven't seen what the elements are), I might consider doing that instead to "write a game" but not to worry about the 3D graphics and programming stuff. And I could start small, which means I have a reasonable "end" point.

It has promise.

I could do NaNoMo anyways, I already have the novel planned but not started. Since it is going to be a "short" novel, I was going to write something called the "Ninth Wife" which would be an Exalted novel. Fortunately, I have so many other projects, I don't have time to start it which would make it perfect for NaNoMo.

In other news, I'm going to submit an pair of events for GenCon this year. I wanted to do an Exalted adventure, since there was a distinct lack of Exalted goodness last year. Talking to uteck, I think it might be a two-parter with the first part being optional. I think the first might use the Mass Combat rules of Exalted and the second is the more personal attacking of Anathema. It sounds like it might be a lot of fun and really encourages the party to work together. We'll probably have to playtest it at least once during gaming (or an off-gaming weekend).