Computers and Writing and Distance

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Apparently, I can't judge distance. :) What I thought was 0.2 km to and from the gym on the bike was really 2.3 km for both ways. Oops, kind of off on that one. Distance always seems off when I'm on a bike. At the gym last night, which made me miserable as normal, I covered the distance I ran on the treadmill in 30 minutes in 6 minutes on a bike. At instead of putzing along at 3.5 miles per hour (they won't do metric, I tried), I could easily crank it up to level 8-9 on the bike and still cruised alone. I must be better at the bike. Though, one one of the weight machines, I could easily do 50 kg which is just damn cool for an upper body exercise.

I worked out, can't you tell?

My back bike wheel is wobbling a lot. I think it is one of the spokes, which I know how to fix, just don't have the tools for it. So, either I spend $50 for a repair job at the local bike place or $40 for a bunch of tools to fix it. One gets it fixed now, one gets it fixed in a week.

I decided that since I'm having trouble with My Father's Bike, I would see if I could even out my load with a computer project. 4E6 hasn't started yet, but I have a bunch of little library things, Debian, and the like that I should work on. I really want to write something else, maybe Case of the Morning Zombies so I can stop feeling guilty reading Fangs, Fur, Fey, or Peg and Sue in Outer Space (which may have a subtitle of "Why Married Couples Shouldn't Get Lost in Space") just because it is on my list. But, if I start a new writing project, I will never finish MFB. Since I really want to finish MFB, I'm gonna just do some computer stuff instead.