Programming Hard

Feel a bit better today. Last night, I worked on the comic script a bit and added an atom feed. Still need to figure out how I want to move forward with this project, since I suspect I might be doing another web comic some day or... I want to productize it to make it easier for others to use it. I mean, might as well let others use what I insist on rewriting, right?

I also worked on BooGame last night. This is for CuteGod but I need a better window backend and I figured I'd make it more flexible as part of the process. Mr. Loach said it was okay to do what changes I'm making, since I'm apparently the only one using the library right now. Mainly, I just want to get it off my TODO list before 4E6 or NaNoWriMo kicks in. That and I think it is a really fun game, I just have to keep on trucking to finish it before I lost interest. I mean, I've been trying to finish a computer game since I was six (when I first learned how to program) and that was a long time ago (I'm 32).

Fluffy is leaving on Sunday for her vacation. So, ten days of me being alone, obsessing. I suspect, I'm going to be programming and writing a lot. There are a couple short stories that I need to finish up and get me back "in the groove" as it were for NaNoWriMo and Case of the Morning Zombies.

Fightertype once mentioned that I update my journal too often, which is why she doesn't really read it. I wonder if that is true for most of you, do you just pass on by since I'm so damn wordy?

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