Epiphanies in BooGame, plans for CuteGod and writing

Apparently, I was one epiphany away from figuring out BooGame. Last night, I realized what I was doing wrong and moved things around and got both a SDL and FreeGlut version working almost identically. I managed to clean up the font rendering so it works a ton better than the old one and allows you to use the full Unicode character set instead of just 128 of the most common letters. It also handles spaces slightly better and sizes over 100 pixels that the other method didn't.

I think there are a couple little things left, mainly to clean it up a bit more, and I think I basically got BooGame updated for what I had in mind. That is just perfect since 4E6 elements are going to be announced tomorrow. CuteGod will probably be put on hold a bit more, or I'll work on it while doing the "design document" for the game I'm planning on writing 4E6. I think my hesitant plan is:

  • October: CuteGod and Design Doc
  • November: NoNoWriMo and Case of the Morning Zombies
  • December: Getting Morning Zombies edited and submitted to Wizards, start working on 4E6 game
  • January-April: 4E6

Yeah, the plan won't last, but that is my hesitant goal at this point. I want to succeed.

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