Focus Issues and L-systems

Last night, I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark with the Rifftrax, so I couldn't do much programming. So, I decided to write up a little L-system library. I'm not entirely sure why I did this, other than I thought it might be useful for Ponies Among Us or even CuteGod. It isn't optimized for use, but it at least does a context-free L-system with simple regex operations. In theory, this would let me do something with city building, tree creation, or something neat with character appearance. Most of these are for Ponies Among Us. Naturally, I really should focus on getting CuteGod done but sometimes I have trouble focusing on the game issues and not trying to do the polish one. I mean, I don't even have a main menu yet and had to remove features (*pout*).

Well, tonight, tonight I shall code! And the code shall be good!

... maybe.

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