Glorious Saber #013

Worked only a little bit on CuteGod last night. Mostly I spent the night working on Glorious Saber to get strip #13 out. Still struggling a bit with it, but I gave up on the mouths for this strip and went back to the original look. There is little bits here and there, but I'm feeling more comfortable doing it. I'm also thinking about posting when I do work on Glorious Saber, mainly to troll for comments.

Glorious Saber #013.

Of course, that comfort was shaken a bit when I posted it on the White Wolf forums. It was feedback, pretty good feedback, but not the type of stuff I can change easily. I mean, Glorious' speech patterns are easier to mask and make more English but the artistic style, while abstract, may not be easily changed until I get better at my artistic skill. Not to mention, I'm working on libraries to generate the avatars for Ponies Among Us and Glorious Saber at the same time. And the trees (the L-system library from yesterday) and a few other things.

I aim big, you know that?

I also desperately need to write a story this weekend. Even if it just to post instead of sending out to one of many places that want it. Honest, they do.

They just don't know it yet.

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