Thomas the Baker accepted at Twisted Ink!

I had an interesting email this afternoon which brightened up my day:

Thank you for submitting to the Twisted Ink webzine. We at Twisted Ink have reviewed your submission(s) and have accepted the following titles:

Thomas The Baker

We appreciate your participation in our webzine. Publication with Twisted Ink takes First Electronic Rights. Your piece(s) will remain on our site until Spring of 2009. You may view the current issue at The new issue will be posted on November 16, 2007. We encourage you to submit to future issues of Twisted Ink webzine.

I am absolutely ecstatic. Winning second prize yesterday and getting a short story accepted today has really cheered me up. Makes writing worth it, you know what I mean?

Case of the Morning Zombies (NaNoWriMo, 13,027 of 75,000 words)