Glorious Saber Ponies

*sigh* Well, looks like I'm finally ready to start Ponies Among Us. Or, to start the applications that should lead into finishing the computer game. Last night, I worked on two strips for Glorious Saber so I'm now a week ahead. Of course, that will go away next week while I'm working on Ponies, but... at least I've been doing this for pretty much twenty weeks solid. Not bad for just to see if I could actually draw something humorous.

The next step is a character builder and poser. Since I'm planning on using the same graphics style for Glorious Saber and Ponies, I'm going to write it so it exports SVG (for GS) and to OpenGL textures (for Ponies), but use the same base library (Cairo). And then to throw it on Windows just to make sure what I'm doing actually works on Windows (and probably the Mac at some point).

Somewhere in the middle of this, I need to finish Case of the Morning Zombies and get my car repaired ($660 and counting, still at the dealer).

Case of the Morning Zombies (Edit #1, 0 of 37 chapters)