To create a pony...

How do you make a horse? Yeah, I know the way through biology, that's fairly simple, but this is actually in reference to Ponies Among Us. When I created Glorious Saber, I chose to steal... I mean, be inspired by the Thing Thing games. Now, I'm doing an exact copy for more than a few reasons, mainly because I want to expand into my own style, but Thing Thing characters have this wonderful sense of abstract proportions.

Abstract is good, it makes you think about the lines between the parts or expand on it in your head instead of having someone splay it out on the screen for you. That's an important part, and one of the more frequent complaints I get. I want Glorious Saber to be abstract, I always prefer line art over 3D modeled. I want to see flaws and I don't want to see something realistic. Sketch Quake is probably the best-looking game I know. For those who don't know, non-photorealistic rendering is a fascinating field.

But, in the process of... borrowing from someone else's art, there are places where I occasionally get into trouble. One of them is Ponies Among Us since I need, well, a pony. Now, I could cheat and call a gun or a sword pony, but I'm not going to. Instead, I tried to come up with a quadruped version of Thing Thing that looks like a pony. After a few hours of work, this is what I came up with:


As usual, click on the above link to see the big version. It looks like a pony, well, an abstract version of a horse. I'm sure I'll be tweaking it here and there as I go forward, but I'm fairly happy with how it is starting out.

So, I have my pony.

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