Self-Publishing Lust and Losing Weight

Had my first of two annual visits to my doctor. I started doing this a few years back, mainly because I wanted to know about danger signs long before they became the type of serious problem where my only recourse is to just accept and get depressed about the downward spiral. The good news, I'm relatively healthy. However, some of the levels are rising up into warning levels, so I was highly suggested by my doctor to lose a few pounds.

So, bring on Weight Watchers with a goal of 22 pounds (10 kg) lost in six weeks, which is my follow-up visit. That would bring me down to a nice even 300 pounds (136 kg). My eventual goal is 200 pound (91 kg) For being 6'3" (1.91 m), it isn't so bad, but it would make life a lot easier for me. Yeah, I won't be down to the skinny levels of what I would like to be fellow writers, but everyone has to start somewhere. :) Now, 10 kg is a fairly large number, but its best to aim for what I want to lose at this point.

In other news, is it wrong to hate the cover of your novel? When MG was first published, I despised the cover. The photograph used was the wrong era, country, material, content, and hemisphere to the actual story. One might say, they were a bit off. And he (judging from the name) got $0.21/copy where I got $0.32/copy for writing it. I know I shouldn't crank about others in the industry, but they went out of business and didn't inform their writers, didn't pay royalties for three years, and didn't even pick a cover that had anything to do with the insides of the book. But I won't name them.

With this self-publishing of MG, I'm paying the artist to make the cover and it is absolutely, utterly to die for. I love it! You know the love where you just keep staring at it, hoping to feel it in your hand and realizing that you are weeks away from that becoming a reality? It is love, at least a writerly platonic type of love.

Weight Loss (0.0 / 10.0 kg)