Anton Strout is the awesome

Well, just got back from seeing Anton Strout's book signing and talking about his book, Dead to Me. It was a lot of fun, actually, and really neat to meet other others in person. I, naturally, got a bit flustered and nervous, so I ended up talking way too much about myself--I really hate when I do that--but I don't think I made too much of a bad impression. I always worry about that, more so when I actually reviewed the book and didn't have a glowing review of it. Ignoring the fact I plan on never having an entirely negative or positive review, I still suffer from what Anton called "writer's ego" and that desperate need not to upset people.

On another level of that author signing, I realized that I don't know that much. They threw a lot of names past me, most of which I never heard. Kind of made me feel stupid or at least ignorant. I'm used to that when I discussion philosophy or religion but its one of those points when I realize I know so little about my chosen career of writing.

Anton seems like a really cool guy. I'm sure he was nervous as hell in places, but it was impressive to me.

And I picked up a book for my mother for her library.