Fictional Dinner

Apparently its going to be a double-post day today because I saw a meme. And have a meme, must do a meme. :) Actually, it looks like a fun one and I want to see what my answers would end up being. This came from Alana Joli Abbott's journal. Which fantasy characters would I invite to dinner?

  • Paksenarrion (from Elizabeth Moon's omnibus edition of the same name). Well, that one is a pretty obvious one, that novel is the very top of my favorite novels and probably one of the major influences in my life, gaming, and writing.
  • Ged from Ursula K. Le Guin's Wizard of Earthsea. If Paksenarrion is the most influential female character in my writing, Ged is the most influential male. I've read that book annual for over twenty years and have most of it memorized.
  • Simon from Anton Strout's Dead to Me. However, I'd have to fight the urge to follow him around with a bowl of sugar treats going "touch this! touch that!". But, ignoring that, he has a smart-ass attitude that I think I'd love to hear him tell stories. He'll hate me in about ten seconds flat.
  • Cutter from ElfQuest. Yeah, I like the short men. Specially with that hair pulled back like that. Actually, it has more to do with how he grew through the story and the amazing things he saw.
  • Queen Betsy from Undead and Unwed. Because she just rocks.
  • The shadow horse from Richard A. Knaak's series of dragons. Because nothing says good dinner guest like a horse who can eat dragons, is the living embodiment of death, and still manages to be a smart ass.
  • Pip and Flinx from Alan Dean Foster's series. Somehow, he managed not to go emo after all of his adventures. But, the flying snake isn't eating near my fingers.
  • Evan Orgell from Sentenced to Prism, also by Alan Dean Foster. This book is the baseline for all other books when I come to reviewing. I can read it in an hour and it is on the very short list of novels I can't read anymore because I have it memorized nearly word for word. Even after waiting five years, I still can't read it.
  • Seras Victoria from Hellsing. Not just because she's a hot vampire with a BIG ASS CANNON for her weapon, but... no, that's pretty much it.
  • Goury and Lina Inverse from Slayers. Yeah, they are two different characters, but I still think they are a couple. He's a lovable oaf managed to hide one of the most powerful weapons in existence behind a veneer of idiocy and she... well, if I can survive a Dragonslave, I'll be a very happy man.

There are more, but I took off a few characters because I couldn't remember their name. Namely the thief from Alana's series, because she interests me more than any other character into that book. And Bones from Halfway to the Grave. And the two women from Nina, I so desperately want to know how life turned out for them. There is also a couple others. And I'm not entirely sure if Ricewind's luggage is someone you'd ever invite to dinner, but I still want to meet it. And Piffiny from Nodwick... damn it, I want to meet too many characters. :)