Addiction v. Sleep

I hate being addicted to creating things. Last night, I was up way too late working on Running Bomb. Late enough that I promised that I would do a writing project next. Also late enough that by the time I went to bed, I was just drifting off to sleep... when I figured out how to solve my reverse tunnel problem (the game lets you go backwards despite it being a very bad thing). And then, an hour of trying to strap myself to the bed to prevent myself from hopping right up and fixing that problem right then and there.

I hate being addicted.

I do the same when I write. I know I'm getting obsessed when I start with wish that I didn't have to sleep anymore and dread going to bed because of the hours wasted with mere sleep! I know that sleep is "important" but there are times when I really rather program or write. I also noticed that I'm creeping up to getting less and less sleep again, I need to make a point of going to bed early tonight so hopefully I'll stay off the computer.