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burn out day

burn out day n: The day after obsessively programming a computer game for three days. Symptoms include:

  • Spending nearly two hours just playing a mindless hack-and-slash flash game.
  • Start up chat, then decide you didn't really want to talk to anyone.
  • Talking to your dad for two hours about 3D modeling and finding out you have yet another thing in common with the man. And you might be able to help.
  • Enjoying said conversation with your dad.
  • Feeling frustrated that you can't work on your game though you only have six days left.
  • Preparing to go to your wife's black belt test, which means you actually only have three days left on the game.
  • Being depressed that everyone is a better programmer than you.
  • ... and can do more in four weeks than you.
  • Feeling a bit better realizing that this is the first contest that you actually are entering.
  • ... and only the third game you've ever created.
  • Still manage to go to bed two hours late.

I'm going to say, I didn't "do" anything last night. :)