Travel Time is Over

Well, finally got back to my apartment in Iowa last night. Long, long drive and I kind of got sick from the heat, but things are back to normal. 35 important emails at work, no Internet at home, yeah, pretty much exactly what I expected.

One thing that came up, besides an incredible desire to write (novels and games), was business cards. For two years, I had little hand-printed business cards. And I never used them. This year, I thought they looked a bit ratty and tossed them. Naturally, I had a bunch of people asking for them this year. Note to self, bring cards next year.

Oh yeah, and produce at least one thing to justify the "Moonfire Games" on my badge. :)

GenCon was a blast. Fluffy got a reward for having the "single most destructive act at the con" in Killer Bunnies and I got to talk nearly constantly. Not to mention a ton of books to read, which I'll start up next month after Lethe's Yarn obsession dies off.

Speaking of Lethe's Yarn, I did just a little bit of work on it last night. Mainly getting the console working for the user. I only implemented the tgm (god mode) and tcl (collisions) for debugging, but it was on my list of things to do. Then, I managed to burn two hours working on reorganizing my MfGames utility libraries (again) and writing a little SWF front end for the settings editor. Tonight, I'm hoping to get a bit better user display for the world (depending on Internet for downloads of course) and working on the editor (which is choking on the files). I also found a way of doing in-place file updates for zip archives so I can maybe get rid of the 2000+ files I'm creating and consolidate them down to reasonable levels (i.e. 1).